That's Me !

That's Me! brings together the University of Wolverhampton, Birmingham City University, and 14 regional employers/policy makers from the West Midlands. Our collective aim is to remove barriers that prevent global majority communities from engaging in postgraduate research within the region.

Welcome to the That's Me! Project: Eliminating Barriers to Postgraduate Research in the West Midlands 

We are delighted to introduce the That's Me! Project, an initiative aimed at enhancing access and participation in doctoral research for UK domicile global majority researchers in the West Midlands. Developed through a collaborative effort between the University of Wolverhampton, Birmingham City University, and regional employers/policy makers, our project is dedicated to dismantling barriers and cultivating a more inclusive and supportive research community. 

At That's Me!, we firmly believe that every talented and driven individual deserves the chance to pursue their research aspirations. The term "global majority" refers to those individuals who make up the largest portion of the world's population, encompassing diverse ethnic, racial, and cultural backgrounds. We use this term to recognise and address the structural inequalities and systemic biases that disproportionately affect these communities. We are resolute in our mission to provide global majority researchers with the vital support and resources required to flourish in their postgraduate research journey. 

One significant challenge we address is the leaky pipeline phenomenon that affects global majority communities in academia. This leaky pipeline refers to the loss of representation at various stages of educational and career progression. Despite promising beginnings, many individuals from global majority backgrounds face obstacles that hinder their advancement in academia. The That's Me! Project actively confronts these issues by focusing on eliminating these barriers and providing targeted support. 

Our project zeroes in on two pivotal elements of transformation: internal and external. Internally, we are committed to eradicating barriers within university cultures and processes. Our aim is to establish an environment that not only recognises diversity but also ensures equitable and impartial opportunities for all doctoral researchers. Externally, our objective is to cultivate an enabling regional employment environment that bolsters the career advancement and accomplishments of global majority researchers. 

Through our community of practice, doctoral researchers from global majority backgrounds can connect, collaborate, and exchange experiences. This community lies at the core of our efforts. Our goal is to co-create alongside global majority postgraduate researchers, providing support for project outcomes. We offer a spectrum of opportunities within the project, encompassing policy development and formulation, mentorship programs, workshops, and training sessions. These are tailored to directly address the distinct needs and challenges encountered by members of our community. 

We take immense pride in spearheading positive regional change within the postgraduate research community. Together, we can surmount barriers, empower global majority researchers, and pave the way for a more just and inclusive research landscape in the West Midlands. 

Join us in our mission to eliminate barriers and unlock the full potential of global majority doctoral researchers. Together, we can effect change—one researcher at a time. 

This work is supported by Office for Students and Research England under the improving access to and participation in postgraduate research study (PGR) for Black, Asian and minority ethnic students funding stream