D.I.I.verse Hub launch event

Date posted: 10/07/2023

We're super excited to let you know about the launch of D.I.I.verse and our recent research seminar, part of our 'That’s Me' project backed by the Office for Students. We've got a video that captures all the great moments, showing off the first steps on our journey towards making Diversity, Inclusion, and Intersectionality something special.

Think of D.I.I.verse as a powerhouse of excellence where our amazing staff can share their know-how and personal stories, helping to shape the futures of the graduates we send out into the world. But it's not just about ticking boxes or filling quotas. We want to create a place where everyone can feel recognized and valued, where different stories and identities bring us all closer together and enrich our collective understanding.

Kicking off D.I.I.verse isn't the end game; it's just the start. We're now looking to make connections and lift up voices, especially through the 'That’s Me' project. This is all about giving students from the global majority their own space to talk about their successes, their struggles, and their stories in a supportive environment.

The launch was highlighted by Dr Marsha Garratt's seminar 'Researching While Black', which was much more than just a talk. It was a powerful sign of our commitment to breaking down the barriers of racial disparity in academic research. This seminar opened up important conversations, sparking dialogue and learning from one another.

'Researching While Black' dove into the real issues Black academics and researchers face, the hurdles they overcome, and the resilience they show in spaces that often ignore them. By putting the spotlight on the experiences of global majority PGRs, we're aiming to shake things up and create opportunities for all researchers.

With D.I.I.verse and 'That’s Me', we're putting words into action. As Dr Ada Adeghe reminded us at our Inclusivity Conference, it's time to move from talking to doing, from principles to practice. We're ready for change, and more than that, we're excited about it.

As we move forward with these projects, we're mindful of the incredible wealth of knowledge, resilience, and vibrancy in our local communities. These communities are a big part of who we are, offering unique insights that can illuminate our teaching, learning, and research.

Connecting with our communities is not just nice to do; it's a must-do. Our institutions are part of a bigger picture. We're committed to raising up voices that are too often unheard, sharing stories that are too often untold, and recognizing experiences that are too often ignored. Our aim is to build a bridge between academia and the community, fostering a two-way relationship that's all about learning, respect, and growth together.

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This work is supported by Office for Students and Research England under the improving access to and participation in postgraduate research study (PGR) for Black, Asian and minority ethnic students funding stream